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PEERS is an effective and scalable IT solution for small and medium business

Productivity and Efficiency Escalation Rate Strategy (PEERS)

Unique to pc OfficePro, we offer total office systems management for small and medium sized businesses that encompass a wide range
of network and office management services directed towards optimizing office efficiency and productivity. We bundle these as support groupings with unique escalation rate strategies that are optimal for your business.
PEERS is a stepped coverage solution
designed to offer affordable and cost effective escalated levels of support strategies based on the complexity and size of the
business network and the business approach towards proactive IT maintenance as a reflection of workflow efficiency.

PEERS....in life and even in business, everyone needs good ones!

As one client of pcOfficePro stated,

"We usepcOfficePro to effectively manage and maintain our network. Common sense says this has the opportunity to save us money. What do I know about computers and networking solutions, I'm the vice-president of manufacturing."

Advantages of PEERS:
  • Systems basic maintenance/documentation is determined by the size of your network.

  • Office Pro's are utilized for generic tasking while technicians are on escalation standby.

  • Office Pro's familiarity with systems and personnel capabilities and limitations will lead to improved workflow efficiencies.

  • PEERS strategy promotes "implementing the best solution" and not just selling you our products.

  • Your growth is our growth...we now share a common goal.

  • Finally.... affordable IT !
Disadvantages of PEERS:
  • It's not free but it is affordable.

  • Requires a proactive approach to IT as a profit center.

  • It's still not foolproof...but nothing in life ever is!
What does PEERS cover: pcOfficePro is positioned to be a provider of IT management to small and medium business with the core strategy of maximizing office efficiency and productivity through network support, maintenance, and enhancements, backup and disaster recovery solutions, workflow analysis and user computer training.

Contact us today for an assessment for your business.


Without PEERS - Our Standard Labor Rates:

pcOfficePro charges an hourly rate of $125.00 with a minimum 1 Hour charge per service request.