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Acceptable Use Policy is an integral part of network management

Acceptable Use Policy Governs Network Management

Every business needs to implement an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) if employees have access to a computer. The AUP is especially important for a company that allows users access to email and the internet. An AUP ensures computers are used in an appropriate manner in the work environment and discourages employees from wasting time with non-work related email and internet browsing. An AUP outlines to employees what is considered appropriate for email and internet usage.

Employees must understand that email is a form of public communication. While the message's content may only be intended for a few recipients, it can be easily viewed by other unintended parties. This is similar to ensuring employees do not have inappropriate conversations at work. While the conversation is only intended for a few people, it can easily be overheard and communicated to others.

While an AUP can not prevent inappropriate conduct with email or internet usage, it does provide a framework for appropriate conduct in the workplace. A well designed AUP helps employees understand how they should use their computer while at work. The AUP also empowers the employer to take action when the AUP is not followed by employees.

Please feel free to contact us to help with the implementation of an Acceptable Use Policy in your workplace.

An effective AUP governs network management services because it helps define the network architecture as related to ethics and ethical practices among its computer nodes.

If you would like more information about implementing an Acceptable Use Policy then please contact us at info@pcofficepro.com.