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Web Design, Hosting Management, & Custom Programming

Web Design, Hosting Management & Custom Programming

We can help...now.

Visually your website is the first impression your potential customers will have of your company. It portrays the image of your company.

The web design has to be appealing, informative and yet optimized behind the scenes for speed, function and search engine ranking.

or the business, the web design must be affordable and easily maintained to reflect growth and change. It must be an extension of the marketing and sales force. It must be needed; must be used; must be valued by your customers.

What impression do you want to leave with your customers?

Web Design

pcOfficePro offers affordable website development for small to medium sized businesses. We specialize in
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Hosting Management

For a complete website hosting management package, pcOfficePro offers the following:
  1. Registration of your domain name that will be unique to your company,

  2. Research, setup and maintain your web hosting account,

  3. Setup and maintain your website hosted e-mail accounts,

  4. Submit your hosted website to major search engines, and

  5. Content Management Services through our Professional Services.
So whether it is an eye-candy, data-driven or e-commerce web site, pcOfficePro can deliver!

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Custom Programming Solutions

pcOfficePro can also provide custom solutions outside of the scope of your company's current software platform.

As savings today are measured in minutes, a successful company manages their minutes and makes them efficient. Capitalizing on your company's current software infrastructure, pcOfficePro's custom programming can help yield measurable results in efficiency. Why pay for custom built applications when most applications can be developed within your current software platforms - Software you and your employees are familiar with and use every day.

What does this mean for your company?
  1. Measured results mean savings to your company.

  2. Familiar products mean less training and less resistance to change.

  3. Using in house software means affordable solutions.

  4. Microsoft Office...Excel, Word, Access....names we all know and use.
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Access) are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

pcOfficePro 's business is built on enhancing your current software solutions to provide robust solutions with measurable efficiencies.

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Rates for Web & Software Development

Rates will vary depending on the project and programming language used. A project assessment will be conducted and then pricing will be forwarded based on the assessment.