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Site Map for pcOffice Pro

Site Map for pcOffice Pro

  • Data Backup Solutions - Online to offsite data backup solutions for small business disaster recovery plans. Affordable, secure, re3liable and automatic.

  • Rx2 Master Backup & Migration Software - Data backup software for saving local workstation content (Outlook data, Favorites, Settings, etc) for backup purposes or for migration to a new PC.

  • Online Computer Training - Affordable online computer training classes offered by Mindleaders and resold through pcOffice Pro. I have personally used these cost-effective classes for my personal training needs even before I started selling them.

  • Network Management Solutions - Focusing on IT management as a strategy rather than an expense. IT plans offered to small businesses to allow them to proactively manage their infrastructure while seeking efficiency and productivity gains in their organization.

  • pcOffice Pro Test and Survey Maker Software - Unique software that allows a user to create tests or surveys in HTML format (any browser can open HTML so no special software needed for the recipient). Included Results Viewer that effectively monitors the status of tests or surveys.

  • Web Design and Custom Programming - Create your web presence knowing that your design and content will be building blocks in your growth in the search engine rankings. Hosting management available so you can realize the reduced costs of hosting without having to manage it by yourself.

  • Professional Services - Services to include dictation, typing, document imaging, records retention/destruction, bookkeeping and call services. All the additional help a small business might need when they need it.

  • Nitix Server Solutions for Business - We use a Nitix internally at pcOffice Pro so we are spreading the good word about this amazing server. Since we use it...we know how to administer it and to more importantly...teach you.
  • Data Backup - Miscellaneous general information about data backup to make you a more informed person when talking about data backup.

  • Data Recovery - Tips about what you should do in the event of data failure. A good read.

  • Disaster Recovery - In depth analysis of the need for a proper disaster recovery plan for your business. No business can be without one.

  • AU Policy - Acceptable Use Policy for your employees. A guideline to acceptable usage of internet/e-mail/computer usage in the workplace.

  • Anti-virus - Some common explanations of anti-virus and why it is so important to have it running on your computers today.

  • Firewall - Discusses software and hardware firewalls.

  • Vocabulary - I hate acronyms and in the computer world there are millions. Here are some common ones that I hope help you.

  • Search Eng. Opt. - The science of creating a web presence. A must read for businesses wanting to create a website or a developer wanting to upgrade their site.

  • Bits and Bytes - The difference between storage and speed. Everyone needs to know this.
  • Home - Online data backup, data backup and migration software, online computer training, test and survey maker software, network management solution, web design and hosting management, custom programming, and professional office services.

  • About Us - pcOffice Pro is a proactive IT management company. Offering services that make sense for a small business. Our profit model is not built on your failures but on your successes.

  • Site Map - A guide to pcOffice Pro's web site.

  • FAQs - A beginning collaboration of Frequently Asked Computer Questions.

  • Contact - Contact e-mail address for any software/service issues.
  • Approved Partners - A listing of some of our approved partners.

  • At Site Training - We also offer at-site training for those businesses that require a more hands-on approach. Course materials and certificates are awarded.

  • Offsite Data Backup - Secure, affordable, reliable, automated online data backup solutions.

  • Sample Web Banners - Samplings of Flash banners.

  • Nitix Awards Demonstration - Numerous articles about the Nitix server. Why just believe us when the rest of the IT community thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread too.

  • PEERS - Productivity and Efficiency Escalation Rate Strategy (TM). A big acronym but when we tell you how it makes sense in your business...you'll go "aaaaaahhhhhhhh, I understand now" too.

  • Resource Links - Other sites we deem important for one reason or another.