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Our Online Backup Software Solution...we sell the service & the packaged solution.

Just 1 question before you leave this page?

If your business burned down, your computers were stolen, a disgruntled employee deleted data, or you were victim to a virus or a hacker, would you be able to recover all your data and return to your current business service levels in a short period of time?

If the answer is no then please read the following sections about the pcOffice Rx Backup solution for protecting your data from disasters.

Our Online Backup Software Solution....

pcOffice Rx BackupTM !

3 ways to benefit from the pcOffice Rx BackupTMSolution
  1. As a client, you receive a secure, reliable, automated and affordable solution for your data backup needs. No hassles and no worries. Visit us at www.pcofficerx.com and see all the features available.

  2. As a reseller of services, you are able to offer your clients peace of mind with their data backups. You solve their data disaster backup needs and make a monthly income without the maintenance costs of the backup network. You administer their accounts and can provide trial periods and bandwidth limitations. We in turn bill you directly for all bandwidth charges monthly.

  3. As a full-fledged data backup solutions provider, we provide all the necessary know-how to set up your own data backup site branded with your company name. No need to reinvent the wheel...buy our full solutions package and give your clients peace of mind knowing that you are maintaining their data backup needs. This is also an effective backup solution for businesses that want to create an in-house backup network among several locations.

Contact us at info@pcofficepro.com for more information on being a reseller or a full-fledged data backup solutions provider today!!

pcOffice Rx BackupTM Features

pcOffice Rx BackupTM is Secure

pcOffice Rx BackupTM performs secure offsite data backups. All data is protected using Blowfish encryption. Backups are protected by an encryption key that only you will know. In fact, even the staff at pcOffice Rx BackupTM will not be able to retrieve your data in the event the encryption key is lost or forgotten. We recommend you keep this key in a safe deposit box.

pcOffice Rx Backup TM is Automated

pcOffice Rx BackupTM is an automated online backup service that allows the backup to be scheduled once and then all subsequent backups will automatically take place based on your data backup schedule frequency needs. Schedule your automatic backups to happen as often as you deem necessary to protect your data.

pcOffice Rx Backup TM is Reliable

pcOffice Rx BackupTM is a reliable online data backup software solution. E-mail success alerts can notify you of successful backups. In the event that a backup doesn't occur as scheduled, the software will continue to attempt the backup for a defined period and then an alert will notify you of the failure. No guesswork to determining if your backup actually happened or not.

pcOffice Rx Backup TM is Affordable

pcOffice Rx BackupTM is affordable and offers different online data backup plans for any sized business. Small and medium-sized businesses can't afford not to implement this technology today. With IT budgets at smaller companies non-existent, a secure, automated, and reliable online data backup plan is a necessity to survival in the event of a business disaster

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